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In 1992, PeopleTalk was launched by Allison Cohen, a focus group moderator with more than 20 years experience working with Blue Chip clients. Through qualitative market research, PeopleTalk focuses on uncovering consumer insights that get translated into solid, as well as creative, marketing and advertising direction.

PeopleTalk specializes in:

  • Evaluation of developing and finished work:
    - new and existing products: concept through finished product
    - advertising: storyboards, animatics, finished advertising
    - creative properties: magazines, programming, package design, websites
  • Customer satisfaction: mystery shopping
  • Product usage studies
  • Brand planning: brand analysis and image development
  • Target audience definition
  • Strategic planning.

Research methodologies and services offered include:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Friendship pairs, trios or groups
  • Panels: a panel of screened consumers for repeated contact
  • Ethnography: in-home or on-site interviews
  • Telephone surveys: in-depth phone interviews especially useful for researching executives, professionals or physicians etc.
  • On-line focus groups

In-depth interviews: IDI
Business-to-business research
Mystery shopping
Customer satisfaction